• Automated Template Service

    Self Service Level

    * Our Automated Template service is our basic service level

    * Clients will upload data directly to the ACA Track System in the ACA Track Template format

    * A dedicated ACA TRACK Project Managers may review the data at the request of the client

    * Any data amendments are completed by the client

    * Data Mapping, Error Corrections, & Headcount Entry are to be completed by the Client.

    * Printing and Mailing of forms by ACA TRACK

    Opitonal add-ons

    Clients can include our Variable Hour Tracking and/or State Individual Mandate Reporting with this service level

Privacy Policy
ACA TRACK handles and/or manages information assets which can take various forms, including, but not limited to data printed, stored electronically, transmitted by electronic means, stored on electronic media, and/or spoken in conversation. All Information including personal and PHI information will be protected from loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability relating to internal stakeholders, business partners, clients, and client assets by continually implementing adequate safeguards in place to protect it based on risk assessment and to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. 
Data Privacy
ACA TRACK is committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable data privacy laws and regulations, continually implementing and enhancing the controls based on privacy risk assessments as they pertain to the data that clients give us about themselves and their employees, and which we in turn use to provide our ACA and state reporting services.
It is ACA TRACK’s policy to comply fully with HIPAA's requirements, as applicable. To that end, all staff members who have access to PHI must comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Plan. ACA TRACK will work with your Human Resources and Legal Departments to train our teams on your specific HIPAA governance and to ensure that the requisite documentation and controls are in place through PHI based risk assessment.