• Concierge Data Management Service

    Full Service Level

    Data Formatting

    The ACA TRACK system allows a client to either import a data file in the exact required format or bring in existing

    file(s), and link client datasets to the required column headers, job codes, coverage types, status codes, and alpha

    numeric values that the ACA TRACK Data Analyst will then consolidate into the required format.

    • ACA TRACK formats data, column headers, job codes, status codes and coverage types that are unique to each employer.
    • Convert null values into standardized Not Available/Not Provided value.
    • Convert DOH, ZIP codes to a standardized form.
    • Coverts months/days/year automatically into the correct format.
    • Validate address fields, convert them into proper naming, e.g. Street/St/St./Str./Str
    • Validate address fields against each other (State/Country, City/State, City/ZIP code, City/Street).

    Data Mapping

    The transform step applies a set of rules transforming the data from the source (Employer File) to the ACA TRACK software. The transformation step automates data from several sources, deriving newly calculated values and applying advanced validation rules.

    Data Loading

    During the load step, it is necessary to ensure that the load is performed correctly and with as few resources as possible. Using a simple excel or CVR file our customers will upload files and start the automated process. ACA TRACK can provide audit reports within 5-10 minutes outlining any failed or missing data.

    Don't spend weeks and months lining up rows and columns in a specific format--ACA TRACK has automated this process for you.

    Optional add-ons

    Clients can include our Variable Hour Tracking and/or State Individual Mandate Reporting with this service level.