• 1094 & 1095 Reporting


    Automated ACA Compliance Software

    Integrates With Any Payroll

    No Manual Calculations

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  • ACA TRACK IS Approved By The IRS

    AIR System Connection

    1094 & 1095 Submission​

    ACA TRACK is an approved vendor of the IRS for 1094 & 1095 e-file and submission.


  • ACA TRACK AUDIT Services

    Employer Penalties Letter 226J



    ACA TRACK will complete a detailed data audit and review all 1095/1094 forms.


    Compliance Review

    The ACA TRACK compliance team will review and provide an analysis of the possible penalties and fines via 226J.



    Our compliance team will work with IRS to reduce or eliminate the employer fine.


    No Risk

    The ACA TRACK audit services are free of charge unless we reduce or eliminate your fine.

  • ACA Compliance Software

    Affordable Care Act Compliance Software and IRS Reporting Is Our Core Business

    1095-C & 1094-C Forms

    • ACA TRACK offers stand-alone 1095-C reporting
    • ACA TRACK calculates the 20 possible series codes for Lines 14 & 16

    • ACA TRACK provides a dedicated "data czar" that manages and migrates all employer data

    • ACA TRACK provides a dedicated tax call center to fulfill the employer requirements for section 1 and box 10

    • ACA TRACK provides status reporting of SSNs for all dependents covered by self-funded plans

    • ACA TRACK will print and mail 1095-C forms

    • ACA TRACK completes and properly formates the employer 1094-C form


    Data Management & ACA Software

    Variable Hour Tracking Dashboard

    ACA TRACK will integrate and organize all required payroll, enrollment, and leave of absence data. ACA TRACK provides an interactive dashboard that provides real-time monitoring of the variable hour population. ACA TRACK also provides alerts based on employees trending over 130 hours for the elected measurement period.

    Measurement | Admin | Stability

    ACA TRACK uses the employer's historical data to financially model various measurement and stability period options to mitigate financial exposure.  The ACA TRACK dashboard allows real-time reporting of all employees in their measurement and stability period, along with the required action the employer must take.

    Data Management

    ACA TRACK provides a dedicated "Data Czar" to help employers organize data maintained in multiple formats and systems. ACA TRACK provides a front-end, data-integrity software capability that can scrub and clean multiple files.


    ACA Track's proprietary software is designed to help large employers meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and IRS reporting. ACA TRACK is dedicated solely to employer compliance. This focus has made us an industry leader in variable hour tracking and IRS reporting.

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